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AMD Window Based Network Attached Storage Servers(NAS)

Rainbow IT storage servers are all AMD dual core opteron technology, we have NAS (networked storage servers), iSCSI SAN (storage network servers), DAS (direct attached storage), ranges and custom and backup solutions to suit ever varying customer’s business needs. Rainbow It AMD storage servers  offers Windows,Liux Open –e based operating systems, latest Serial ATA(SATA) II 3gb/s transfer rate, DDR2 667 ECC RAM,  1u,2u,3u,4u,5u sizes ,choice of raid hardware options and available with up to 40 removable drive bays, allowing for up to 40 terabytes of raw storage on our storage servers.

We offer a spectrum of Rainbow IT storage servers which are fully customizable, affordable & dependable making them perfect for any storage application solution to suit our customers’ needs whether you’re small to large corporate business, universities etc.

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